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Name:Guess My Heritage
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Just another one of those guessing communities. In this community, members guess your heritage (meaning where your family originally came from by the way you look).


1. No racism, sexism, or any other form of prejudice.
2. Be nice. No name calling, bashing, or ad hominem attacks.
3. Do not repost pictures found on anyone's applications without their consent.
4. If someone guesses correctly before your reveal post, you may tell them their guesses are correct, but make sure you screen the comment. This will allow others to participate in the guessing as well.
5. You are not a heritage expert. This means do not give lessons on conquest and mixing of heritage, but you may say something like "I am Filipino so I think that implies Spanish." Something like "Irish isn't really a heritage because of conquering and rape..." is not acceptable, and will get you banned.


- American/Canadian/Australian are places not races, as they tend to have many people of mixed origin, however, there can be natives of each of those countries.
- The majority of people have mixed heritage, so try to guess more than one.
- Indian means from India, not Native American.
- Try to guess countries rather than continents (like "Asian" or "European").
- Try taking pictures from a variety of angles with different facial expressions in different lighting.


When should I post my "reveal"?
It's generally best to post it no less than a day later and no more than a week... this way people can easily connect your "reveal" post to your "guess" post. You may also link your original post in your reveal post for convenience.

Can I post pictures of my friends who also want guessed?
As long as you have their permission to post their photos, you may post as many as you wish.

Can I repost?
Certainly, just wait a couple weeks to do so.

May I leave out my name, if I feel it gives too much away?
Yes, you are not required to give your name or any personal information (in fact, we suggest you don't).

Is 'gypsy' a real race? I thought a gypsy was a cartoon character/new-age type person/nomad/lifestyle choice.
Yes, Gypsies are a real race and are actually called 'Romany' (or Romani, sometimes inaccurately called 'Roma'). The Romany people have different nations (like the tribes of the Native American people), and Roma is only one of those nations. If you post a guess that someone has this heritage, please use the word 'Romany' and not 'gypsy'.

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